Our Wild Reared Highland Cattle are our prize herd at Trebandy Farm, and we pride ourselves on providing them as natural a life as possible. Our pedigree bull, Barry, has sired the majority of our flock. They are fully pastured animals, providing an excellent quality of life and grass-fed beef product.

Slow maturing and excellent flavour, Highlands are recognized as one of the most tender and best- flavoured breeds available. Our livestock are free to graze and roam our valley, on our seventy-acre holdings.


We mainly sell responsibly butchered meat, but are open to livestock sales for breeding purposes. Please Contact Us for more details to discuss your interest.


Everything we grow or rear at Trebandy has to meet the standards we have set ourselves:

  • To be produced in as natural a way as possible.
  • For our farming to be truly sustainable and for us to leave an improved Trebandy for future generations.
  • We use no sprays, artificial fertilizers or additives.
  • We want all our animals to enjoy life.
  • We have chosen breeds which are uncommercial in this modern world because they grow and mature very slowly, but we know they produce great tasting meat.
  • We will not overstock or try to increase numbers beyond what we agree is right for Trebandy

These images are from our wild flock, showing the lifestyle we offer at Trebandy.


At Trebandy we are committed to responsible rearing and butchering process. We have a longstanding relationship with a local abattoir, and can provide details should this be required.

We hang our meat, refrigerated, for 2-3 weeks to further develop the flavour.

Bagged ready for the freezer, each carcass will be butchered and split into eight equal lots of approx 50 lbs weight so you will get some of every cut.


Selected Images of magnificent Highland Cattle



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