Everything we grow or rear at Trebandy has to meet the standards we have set ourselves:
  • To be produced in as natural a way as possible.
  • For our farming to be truly sustainable and for us to leave an improved Trebandy for future generations.
  • We use no sprays, artificial fertilizers or additives.
  • We want all our animals to enjoy life.
  • We have chosen breeds which are uncommercial in this modern world because they grow and mature very slowly, but we know they produce great tasting meat.
  • We will not overstock or try to increase numbers beyond what we agree is right for Trebandy.

Highland Cows

All our beef is born and raised at Trebandy as naturally as possible.

Sired by Barry our Pedigree Bull.

Slow maturing and Excellent flavour Highlands are recognized as one of the most tender and best flavoured breeds available.

We will hang the meat, refrigerated, for 2-3 weeks to further develop the flavour.

Bagged ready for the freezer, each carcass will be butchered and split into eight equal lots of approx 50 lbs weight so you will get some of every cut.

Hebridean Lamb

We have had our flock here at Trebandy for over 20 years and we believe Hebridean is the best flavoured breed there is.

We always butcher to order and we will contact you when your meat is ready for collection. We can deliver if necessary.

Your order will come bagged ready for the freezer.

All products are stored in our refrigerated trailer. For all our meats we like to take orders then supply fresh when product is at its best. Our customers understand that we are striving to produce the best possible quality and often this means gaps between order and supply but we keep them fully informed by e-mail and expect it to be worth the wait.

Wool Products

Hebridean wool is recognised for its high quality and softness. We currently have a good supply of beautiful, traditionally made Hebridean wool throws and scarves (mixed with mohair and alpaca, in the case of the scarves) available for sale at £90 and £40 respectively. Examples of these delightful items are shown on this page.

Christmas Trees

For many years now we have been growing and supplying Christmas trees. We buy them as tiny plants and grow them on here at Trebandy.

The key for us is to cut them on the day of sale to minimize needle drop, but we are more than happy for customers to come, choose a tree and dig it up themselves.

To order any of our products, to get the latest prices, or for more information, please get in touch by e-mail.